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Video Snapshot Interviews

  • Overview

    After applying for a position on the It’s Academic website, successful candidates will be contacted by an It’s Academic Representative to discuss the position in greater detail. Once you have confirmed that you wish to move forward with the application, you will be invited to create your Video Snapshot.

    The Video Snapshot Interview is quick, convenient, and a great way to showcase your personality and differentiate yourself from the other candidates who have applied for a position.

  • Step-By-Step Process Guide

    You will be sent an email initiation to create your Video Snapshot. This email will include a link that will bring you to the Video Snapshot platform.

    You will have three days to complete the Video Snapshot and can complete it at a time that is most convenient for you.

    When you enter the platform, you will be brought to the introduction page that will include links to help you test your hard and software.

    You will then be brought to the practice question page where you can test your audio and video as well as practice using the technology.

    When confident and ready, you will then move to the question pages. You will be able to re-record your answers up to three times. Questions are timed so we suggest that you prepare your answers on paper before beginning your recording.

    It is best to give yourself between 20-30 minutes to finish the video. This platforms allows you to record your video at any time that is convenient for you within three days of receiving the invitation.

    If at any time you are having difficulty, there is a box in the left hand corner that you can click for assistance. It may take up to 24 hours to receive a response, in which case, you will be able to re-record the answers that are missing.

    When you have finished recording your answers, you will receive an automated email from It’s Academic confirming that it has been completed.

    A representative from It’s Academic will then contact you within two business days to inform you of the next steps in the application process for the position that you have applied for.

  • Technical Considerations and Tips
    • Ensure that your internet, webcam and microphone are fully connected and working properly before the interview.

    • Make sure your webcam is working properly and installed. If using an external webcam, make sure it is plugged in.

    • Make sure your Flash Player is installed and updated.

    • It is preferable to NOT use public Wi-Fi, as there will probably be connection issues. Make time to complete the interview at a place where you can access private internet.

    • If applicable, make sure that other internet users around you have all streaming services closed (ie: Nextflix, Hulu, etc.)

    • Close all other tabs and programs when recording your video.

    • Make sure that your browser is updated. We recommend using Google Chrome or FireFox.

  • Making a Good Impression
    • Ensure the lighting is bright in front of you and avoid bright lights behind you.

    • Make sure that the area where you are recording is quiet and free from distraction.

    • Use a minimalistic background, if possible.

    • The webcam should provide a headshot view, and should not view lower than your shoulders.

    • Dress just as you would for an in-person interview.

    • Look into your webcam when you speak, as this will look more natural.

    • Sit up straight and answer your questions confidently.

    • Remember to smile and be enthusiastic when you are answering.