Admission and Recruiting Jobs

It’s Academic works with many top academic organizations and private companies in ESL, Post-Secondary (Public and Private), K-12 and international education to help them source high performing professionals who specialize in student recruitment, admissions, marketing and sales related positions.

If you are a proven and experienced marketing and sales professional who understands how to promote academic organizations and programs domestically or internationally. Someone who understands the education market, can drive student enrolment, and student admissions, create branding opportunities, expand new markets, and promote new and unique programs among student prospects – create an account today, we can help introduce you to great new career opportunities today.

If you can manage and covert leads, track results, build a sales network and manage a sales team, we have established colleges and schools who are looking for people with your kind of skill set. Schools often work with us to help them source people with recruiting and sales experience –  It’s Academic can help you find the best opportunity.

As a uniquely skilled recruitment agency, we help qualified people professionally and confidentially find the best sales and admissions jobs available that will match their career goals and profile.  If you have the following sales and admissions skills and experience, create an account today.

  • Demonstrated admissions and/or student recruitment success for ESL,  Post-Secondary or any other type of academic organization.
  • Drive student enrolment through internet and traditional sales and marketing avenues.
  • Set monthly spending priorities within overall target budgets.
  • Ability to meet target enrolment and sales numbers.
  • Proven track record for lead generation, tracking, enrolment and student counselling.
  • Established set of agents, sales contacts and industry relationships.
  • Perhaps you have language specific skills, such as Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or Portuguese?

It’s Academic has an experienced team or recruiting consultants who can confidentially work with you so you make the right career. Allow us to help you reach a large and targeted network of potential employers, use It’s Academic’s professional recruiting services today – Many top colleges, ESL schools and international schools rely on us for our professional recommendations of high quality candidates.

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