Finding the right professionals has always been a time consuming or expensive process for public and private schools, colleges, universities and overseas schools. Pre-qualifying candidates, conducting background checks, conduct interviews and verify credentials is time-consuming, and search committees are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of applications generated by open job boards, and search firms are often out of reach due to their fees.

Vancouver-based It’s Academic has designed a specialized, value-added recruiting solution for academic organizations in Canada and globally, efficiently delivering high quality and fully qualified educators, administrators and executive academic managers.

It’s Academic’s Managing Director, John Becker, described the company this way: “Search committees had few choices when seeking to fill a position. They would have to employ the services of a high-priced recruitment firm or run expensive newspaper advertisements for senior positions, and they would post openings on internet job boards for faculty and temporary positions. The former is very expensive and often times ineffective. Traditional recruiting firms lack the experience and motivation to carry out effective academic placements – There are many different tactics required to successful fill academic  vacancies. And open job boards delivered masses of applicants that were under-, over or mis-qualified for the position.”

A closer examination of the company’s service offerings shows that It’s Academic offers an alternative to these traditional staffing methods. The company employs a proprietary database of candidates qualified for positions in North America and globally and has a strong network of recruiting coordinators globally that are experience in education as well as recruiting. These resources, used in conjunction with world wide web technology, delivers very effective and efficient staffing solutions to schools, school districts and institutions from temporary, sessional professionals to high-level managerial staff within the academic realm.

“I anticipate that 2009 will be a year of introducing It’s Academic’s services to search committees across Canada, the U.S. and in foreign countries. Canada has long been recognized as the premier source of well trained academic professionals, and overseas, the demand for teaching and academic professionals has risen dramatically as the economies of the world grow more inter-connected,” Becker stated during a recent telephone interview.

The company’s immediate objective for 2009 is to continue to build a strong team of local representatives familiar with the schools and staffing needs at the regional level to satisfy demand. “Schools require Teachers on Call ( T.O.C or Substitutes) on short notice, and we are the only outsourcing alternative for school in Canada for temporary staff. Our goal for ’09 is to increase our staffing capacity at the local level to fill these short-term openings quickly.”

While It’s Academic currently maintains a long roster of staffing solutions, more are expected to be added in 2009 and beyond. “After working in academic placements for 15 years, I’ve seen how demanding it is for schools and other educational institutions to meet their staffing needs efficiently. So, It’s Academic is built from the ground up to deliver the quality of services found through expensive staffing agencies at a fraction of the cost.”

While the company continues to expand its services and the size of its database of teachers, academic managers and specialized academic professionals for assignment both here and abroad, search committees have already discovered the benefits of It’s Academic Staffing, even at this early stage of company growth.

“Our objective is to place pre-qualified, fully-vetted professionals at all levels within the educational community more efficiently than other recruiting alternatives

Based on initial company success, It’s Academic has found the right mix of services and quality placements for schools from Canada to Saudi Arabia, with more services coming on-line as the company expands its operations across Canada, placing local representatives in major Canadian cities.

School search committees have already discovered the value this recruiting and temporary staffing company delivers and, according to the company’s Managing Director, “We’ve just begun to deliver what schools require -Value-added, highly specialized staffing services for the academic community.”


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