A Canadian Principal’s First-Hand Observation of The BC Ministry’s Misguided Regulations

” My first year in China as a Principal for a Canadian Offshore Secondary school has been quite an adventure! I am not new to Canadian Education in China as I was responsible for International Education, as Superintendent, in our School District for over nine years and had worked with our counterparts in China over that time.

The hiccups here and there and the last minute chaos when a decision is finally made were not unexpected and only somewhat challenging. The largest challenge has come through the certification process for staff! I fully understand the need for ensuring quality staff and having accountability in that matter but the fact that a teacher is qualified in two other provinces and the paperwork for certification is sitting on some bureaucrats desk during a shut down (Christmas Break) and the teacher is removed from the classroom due to these circumstances is untenable! To be able to find an appropriately certified teacher for replacement is proving beyond difficult and the Principal that is certified by the province is teaching the courses in question but has no practical experience in those subjects. So who loses here? First and foremost our students.

I understand wanting to have tighter regulation on the Offshore Programs as it is easy for things to get out of control. But to do it on the shoulders of our students in unconscionable.”

Canadian Principal Working in a BC Certified International Program in China


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