Employer Spotlight – ECE and Elementary Teaching Positions at Canadian International Schools

Teach at Canadian-accredited Schools in Dubai and India

If you’re considering teaching abroad for the 2017/2018 school year, we still have excellent positions available for ECE and primary teachers at two international schools located in Dubai, UAE and Chennai, India. Both schools are managed by Canadian principals, staffed by Canadian-certified teachers, and use Canadian curricula, offering a professional work environment and quality education. Salary and benefits are highly competitive, and of course, you’ll get the opportunity to explore another country and culture.

Dubai8Employer Overview – Dubai, UAE

This Canadian-accredited international school is located in central Dubai. The school currently offers kindergarten to Grade 8 with over 200 students. It employs a Canadian instructional curriculum managed by an experienced Canadian principal and delivered by a well-trained team of certificated teachers. Student performance, learning outcomes, materials and teaching strategies are the same as you would find in any school in Canada.


Employer Overview – Chennai, Indiatamilnadu-India

This new Canadian-run international school will be opening its doors in Chennai, India this fall. It offers primary and elementary grades based on a Canadian curriculum, delivered by trained Canadian educators. Higher grades will be added yearly, and additional campuses are planned to be opened in major cities across India over the next few years. Teachers will be responsible for planning, organization, development, and public relations in the summer, and teaching in the fall when the school opens.

Current Openings

Applicants should apply directly with It’s Academic by following the links below. If you are qualified, we will follow up with you promptly.

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