Employer Spotlight – King Saud bin Abdulaziz University (KSAU) & Candidate Review

Employer Spotlight: King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University – or simply KSAU- is one of the largest Medical universities in Saudi Arabia.  Every year we place English Language Lecturers and Senior Medical Faculty at KSAU, and then assist them with their Saudi work visa application before they begin their new journey.

Candidate Feedback

The experience and feedback of our candidates who are working at KSAU have always been very positive. Here is an interesting comment from one of our candidates who is an English Language Lecturer at KSAU:

“Things are going well. I’m enjoying the students- they have a lot of energy, and most of them are eager to learn. My colleagues are extremely nice and resourceful, and full of helpful local information. The department head is very friendly and easy to work with, but I have experienced some hiccups with slow administration […] The flats they provide are amazing, and completely furnished- though I am still waiting for a desk and computer. I am only a five minute walk to my office.

Before coming, I knew Saudia Arabia has its own set of rules and ways of going about life, so I have no problem with being here- I’ve found this is true for my colleagues too, and we all make the best of it. [In spite of the lifestyle differences] there is a lot to enjoy about living and teaching here; and honestly, I have never seen a better financial package for teachers anywhere.”


KSAU History

KSAU was established in Saudi Arabia in 2005, under the umbrella of the National Guard and the Ministry of Higher Education.  Prior to this time, the National Guard Health Affairs offered postgraduate programs in various medical fields; these programs received such strong, positive feedback that the Ministry recognized the need and the opportunity to establish the university.

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
Today, KSAU has three campuses in the capital city of Riyadh; Jeddah; and Al-Ahsa. These three cities were chosen for KSAU campuses because they are host to the most advanced medical complexes in the region, giving students and educators access to state of the art medical facilities during the course of their work and studies. KSAU is made up of the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Applied Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health and Health Informatics, Sciences and Health Professions, and the Deanships of Postgraduate Studies. The university focuses on delivering an evidence-based education, in conjunction with practical experience using current medical technology.


Current KSAU Openings

Below are some of the opportunities we are recruiting for KSAU, to begin in August 2016 or sooner. If you are qualified and interested, simply apply by clicking the link.

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