Employer Spotlight – Tsinghua International School (THIS) & Candidate Review

Tsinghua International School

Tsinghua International School
Tsinghua International School, also known as THIS, is an international school attended by students of diverse international background. They integrate both Chinese and Western cultures in their teaching environment, and are staffed with highly qualified teachers and faculty members.

Candidate Feedback

We’ve worked with THIS for several years now, and have had excellent feedback from all our candidates:

“I really enjoy working with the students at THIS, they are very respectful and extremely talented. I also really like my colleagues who come from diverse backgrounds both culturally and academically.

In addition, the school is also located in a great city. There is never a shortage of things to do or interesting people to meet here in Beijing!”

– Activity Coordinator


THIS Overview

Tsinghua International School
Tsinghua International School fosters creative critical thinkers who are rooted in China and prepared to lead in the global community. With the motto of ‘Self-Discipline and Social Commitment’ and the spirit of ‘Actions Speak Louder than Words,’ Tsinghua University and its affiliate schools are dedicated to the well-being of Chinese society and to world development.
THIS is a community of joyful learners – students, families, teachers and staff.

Current THIS Openings

Below are some of the opportunities we are recruiting for KSAU, to begin in August 2016 or sooner. If you are qualified and interested, simply apply by clicking the link.

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