Finding Your Ideal Job 101 – Introduction

Finding Your Ideal Job 101 - Introduction

Throughout my career as an employer and now as a professional recruiter, I have reviewed and evaluated thousands upon thousands of resumes and job applications from various sectors. From Human Resources to Corporate and Executive applications, I have seen many different types of resumes throughout my lifetime. Today, I mainly deal with resumes of teachers and other academic professional, and sadly they are by far some of the worst examples of resumes I have come across!

For the most part, most academic types have very little experience in a corporate environment, where knowing your target market as well as ‘selling and marketing yourself’ is paramount to success.  They tend to overemphasize their educational credentials and underemphasize their professional skills and career history.  All this, compounded by the fact that many job seekers don’t understand their own professional suitability means that most applicants never even make it to through the door.

That’s why we have created this simple 8 parts series of articles to help any professional successfully develop an effective and professional application. We have also included many other tips on cover letters, interviews and lots of general do’s and don’ts as you go through the application process, and ultimately – Finding Your Ideal Job!

The Two Most Important Questions Before You Begin

Most employers generally receive 150 applicants or more for every job that is available. Competition is fierce, so it is essential that you ask yourself these two crucial key questions first before starting out:

  1. What is this employer looking for in an ideal candidate?
  2. Do I have what it takes to be that person?

If you are sure and confident about these two questions, then continue and work through this 8-part series of articles so as to ensure you communicate this clearly and powerfully to a potential employer.

Finding Your Ideal Job 101 – Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews
Articles below will be linked as they are updated in the upcoming weeks

  1. Finding Your Ideal Job 101: Part 1 – Knowing Yourself
    The Importance of understanding what you are qualified for and your target job market
  2. Finding Your Ideal Job 101: Part 2 – Resume Formatting
    10 Easy Formatting Rules to ensure you develop an effective, professional resume
  3. Finding Your Ideal Job 101: Part 3 – Resume Content
    What information to include in your resume and where to put it
  4. Finding Your Ideal Job 101: Part 4 – Resume Keywords and Language
    How to get noticed
  5. Finding Your Ideal Job 101: Part 5 – What Not to Do
    10 easy ways to get you application tossed in the garbage
  6. Finding Your Ideal Job 101: Part 6 – Where to Apply
    Where and how to find jobs these days
  7. Finding Your Ideal Job 101: Part 7 – Cover Letters
    How to write them and why they matter
  8. Finding Your Ideal Job 101: Part 8 – Interviews
    Tips to Acing an Interview

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