Everything You Need to Know About IB Programs and Schools – Part II

IB-Logo-400pxwPart II: Securing Employment at an International Baccalaureate® (IB) School

How do I get an IB job?

Teachers who wish to become part of an IB school must research and understand the IB philosophy and the educational power of the IB hexagon, which promotes collaborative structures in teaching. Teachers must also show a true passion for teaching and for their subject matter.

ib teacher picStudents in the IB program are generally very motivated to learn and are looking to go above and beyond the standard curriculum. As a result, teachers must keep up-to-date on their subjects and look outside of the standard curriculum for information to include in their classes.

Face-to-face and online workshops are provided by the IB to help teachers understand the curriculum. To learn more about these workshops, visit www.ibo.org/en/professional-development/find-events-and-workshops/.

online workshops picIndividual schools have their own recruitment policy on the qualifications they look for in IB teachers, but there is no formal qualification needed by the IB World Organization. Normally, schools look for previous IB teaching experience, which can make it difficult to find employment in IB schools. Universities have partnered with IB to offer an IB teaching certificate. This can help teachers find employment in such schools once they have registered for an IB educator certificate. For more information on the IB educator certificate, please visit www.ibo.org/en/professional-development/professional-certificates/.

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