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If you are applying for a job please include the job title you are applying for in your email so we know which position you are interested in.

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Quick Info Center:

  • How does it work?
    It’s Academic works with schools and colleges to help them find great job seekers for their teaching, management and administrative vacancies. Our service is 100% free for job seekers, secure and completely confidential. If you want to apply for jobs on our web site and be informed of future jobs that come available, simply create an account with It’s Academic here or click the ‘apply’ button for any jobs you might be interested in.
  • How do I create an account with It’s Academic?
    It’s free and easy to create an account; complete the simple form and upload your resume as you create an account through our web site. Your information will be stored in our secure, private database, and you will become a registered candidate with It’s Academic. Once you have an account, you can log into our site any time using your email and password and update or modify this information in the future.
  • What Happens after I create an account?
    After you have created an account you can apply for jobs listed on our site, we will keep in touch with you about future jobs approximately once a month and we may also contact you from time to time directly if we have a job that matches your career profile and objectives.
  • How do I apply for jobs with It’s Academic?
    Once you have created an account with us and you are logged into the web site, you can simply click on the ‘apply’ button on any of the jobs on our web site and your name and existing resume information will be attached to the vacancy you have applied for. You can also upload additional resumes and info cover letters for a specific job through the My Profile Page, but it is not necessary. You can apply for multiple jobs on our web site simply by clicking on the ‘apply’ button on any job posted on the site.
  • What happens after I apply for a job on the web site?
    After you apply for a job, we will review your information in context to the specific position you have applied for. If we feel you are suitable candidate we will contact you, only candidates that are suitably qualified will be contacted. However, regardless of what happens with that specific role, we will keep in touch with you in regards to future job opportunities if you opt in.
  • I prefer to submit my resume and application by email in confidence
    You can send It’s Academic your resume by email directly via the email which goes to our senior recruiting manager; however please be assured that we keep all of our candidate’s information strictly confidential and we never release or disclose any information without your prior consent whether you apply on-line or by email.
  • I am concerned about my personal information and privacy
    We take your information and privacy very seriously. It’s Academic uses it’s own secure private computer servers so no one sees your information except our experienced personnel. We never disclose any information to an employer without your prior consent. For more details, please review our privacy policy HERE and feel free to contact our privacy officer at