Manager/Admin Jobs

College and School Program Management and Administration jobs are highly specialized jobs for people who have experience in operational and administrative management, scheduling, program delivery and management within an educational institution.

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We have filled program management and administration positions in career colleges, private schools or ESL schools in North America, as well as for schools in international locations. Positions such as Director of Studies, Academic Manager, Academic Coordinator, we even source specialized finance and accounting personnel for schools, colleges and other types of academic organizations.

Our consultants will carefully get to know you and recommend you for specialized school management and administration jobs that are a great match for your unique skills, such as program management, creating work plans, monitoring and adjusting academic programs as they run, academic finance and program development and design – We will know your  academic niche and be well versed in the types of programs and organizations you have worked, and be able to make great career recommendations for you. 

Program managers typically have the qualification such as below; but are high variable depending on the role.

  • A BA or Master’s degree, along with relevant additional certification(s)
  • A minimum of 3-5 years senior admin experience in a K-12, post-secondary college or ESL program
  • Accounting and business designation as required
  • Great Management and supervisory skills
  • Program and staff supervision skills
  • High proficiency in MS Office Suite applications, database management and technical skills.

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We reply on sophisticated combination of modern technology and traditional relationships with schools, and our experienced consultants can also help you target the best program management jobs and school administration jobs with the widest targeted audience of established schools and academic organizations.

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