Principal / School Head Jobs

You have proven experience as a Principal, School Head or Vice-Principal. You have likely risen through the ranks as a teacher and a department manager – and as you have progressed you have become more involved in school management, and began to demonstrate your keen vision and ability to lead a team of teachers, administrators and student body, and you have proved you can strategically represent an organization.

If this sound like you you are likely in high demand. Your management, evaluation and supervisory skills makes you a highly desirable candidate for a principal job, School Head job or Vice Principal Job.

It’s Academic can be your voice that allows you to professionally and confidentially search and communicate with potential employers for the right opportunity and organization that matches your profile and skill set. If you are considering a new step in your career and your qualifications are similar to the ones below please contact us and let us professionally and confidentially represent you.

Qualifications for a Seasoned and Successful School Principal, School Head or Vice Principal:

  • Preferably a Master’s Degree in education, and a B.Ed
  • 5-10 years of elementary or secondary school leadership experience
  • Experience in teacher supervision, leadership and development
  • Preferably specialzied training in areas like IB, AP, MYP , or other types of pedagogy.
  • Perhaps you have an interest in taking on an international experience
  • Perhaps you have strong spiritual beliefs and religious principals that would be nicely aligned with a like-minded school

It’s Academic has access to a large network of high quality school head jobs, principal job and vice-principal jobs in private schools in North America and internationally. Our network is extensive, and personal; we have deep and established relationships with many of these organizations, and we have experienced consultants who can confidentially represent you and introduce you to  the right opportunity.

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