Vancouver Academic Staffing Firm Develops Advanced Database To Connect Academic Professionals and Job Openings

It’s Academic Staffing (It’s Academic), the Vancouver-based staffing company specializing in placements within the academic realm, announced that it had completed testing of relational databases to effectively connect academic professionals with career openings.

“What made this such a challenge,” said John Becker, Managing Director of It’s Academic, “is that we place professionals with varying degrees of experience in job openings as diverse as substitute teacher at the local level to university dean here in Canada and globally.”

Becker explained that his company had looked at a number of CRM and staffing software and placement platforms to find the right system. “We chose Goldmine from Frontrange Solutions, a powerful client relationship management (CRM) platform as the foundation of the system coupled with a secondary database called E-nguage Front Office 2000. The most robust and flexible recruiting and staffing system we could identify. The systems are inherently designed to work together, and their functionality meets It’s Academic’s unique customer and client management demands. The powerful platform puts us ahead of 99% of the search and staffing firms in the world.”

It’s Academic matches its career applicants to openings in universities, K-12 schools, and colleges., and fills specialized teaching positions such as Montessori and ESL (English as second language) teaching positions here and abroad.

“We needed the most advanced and powerful recruiting and staffing system available because recruiting technology and strategy is evolving quickly, and also because of the unique range of placements we make,” Becker explained. “Our recruiters search for the brightest credentialed graduates and academic professionals with long career histories. Our institution-clients employ our services to cut their staffing and recruitment costs.”

It’s Academic found its solution in Goldmine from Frontrange Solutions and E-nguage and specialized ATS ( Applicant Tracking System ) designed to work synergistically with Goldmine . It’s a highly adaptable, technological solution that “enables us to extract the right applicants for virtually any job opening, and develop advanced web based integration to service our clients and candidates better.” The testing phase extended over 90 days before IAS programmers found the right tool for this difficult data management task.

“We needed a database that provided a 360 degree view of our professional candidates, their experiences and career objectives so It’s Academic could effectively staff any academic job, from classroom teacher to senior executive manager efficiently” There are every few staffing firms in the world with our kind of robust technology, that is all full integrated to our web site at

The mission of It’s Academic is to serve as a single-source staffing solution within the education community, both at home and world wide. “That was the challenge. Because It’s Academic specializes specifically in academic placements, we maintain a very specialized roster of candidates, each with specific career objectives and expertise,” Becker explained.

It’s Academic continues to develop the resources required to provide schools and other educational institutions with value added staffing solutions at reasonable costs. “After 15 years in academic staffing, I saw the value of a strong database that could extract pre-qualified job candidates based on the exact needs of our client institutions.”

According to Mr. Becker, It’s Academic fills the niche between open job boards, which often deliver under-qualified or mis-qualified applicants, and high-priced placement and advertising services. “Job boards don’t vet candidates and staffing services are expensive and don’t understand the unique needs of the academic sector. Our candidates are accessible through a full spectrum of placement needs based on level of experience, special certifications and career considerations.”

It’s Academic Staffing continues to develop its internal systems to streamline the staffing process. “Our goal – one we know is achievable – is to develop a system that enables us to deliver staffing solutions to any academic institution at a fair price. Frankly, I believe monies allocated to staffing and search committee activities should be used in classrooms, not in finding candidates,” Becker explained.

“That’s why our systems development is on-going. The programming is time-consuming but It’s Academic’s Managing Director is confident. “I expect it will take another year to fully integrate all of our internal systems – database, CRM, in-take and recruitment, but the testing and selection of Goldmine is a giant step toward our goal of commencing operations by January, 2010.”

With its proprietary amalgam of data management tools, It’s Academic has positioned itself to serve the needs of institutions and job seekers alike within the academic realm.

“We still have a long way to go but today I see just how effective It’s Academic will be in finding staffing solutions for our client organizations,” Becker concluded.


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