Campus Director Jobs

As a successful campus director of an ESL school or private post-secondary institution you are someone who is able to juggle many important responsibilities at the same time –  You  are a great leader, and a great public representative, and you can positively manage the faculty, administrators and the students simultaneously!

You also have a thorough understanding of the college’s business , and the academic programs that you are managing.

Finding the right kind of person for a Post- Secondary College Director Job or an ESL School Director Job is difficult for many organizations and it is also competitive to attract top performers to make an change –  It’s Academic Educational Staffing can help to ensure you maximize your career and compensation potential and find the best organization that matches your career path  skill and profile!

Great Campus Managers and Directors have the following types of skills and profile:

  • Great character, inter-personal and management skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree, though a Masters Degrees is preference
  • More than 5 years of ESL school or post-secondary college leadership experience
  • Ability to manage budgets, HR and accreditation standards
  • Someone with exceptional organizational and communication skills
  • You understand the academic market and how to lead an organization successfully in operational and academic performance.

It’s Academic Educational Staffing takes the time to examine your experience, skills and value as an individual and then we help you network with ideal schools and colleges director jobs. We leveraging our network with ESL and Post Secondary Colleges to help you secure the best position available that suits your career goals and aspirations.

We use a sophisticated combination of modern technology and traditional relationships to access industry professionals around the globe, and help you find the next great Campus Director Job with a post secondary college or ESL school in North America.

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